The ARK is more than a metaverse. It's an ecosystem made for the music industry. It's a fully persistent and evolving virtual world, where you can attend concerts, buy merch, go on quests or even hang out with friends. It also includes the ARK Portal, connecting real world concerts and the virtual ones- accessible to fans at a live venue, and also on their MAC, PC, mobile and in VR. We're not here to disrupt the music industry, we're here to make virtual concerts accessible to all artists and fans.




The Future of Live Music

"Shortly after Miro Shot began to experiment with live music VR experiences, they were quickly signed by independent label AllPoints/Believe, management company East City Management and publisher Warp Publishing"

Charlie Fink

How Virtual Reality may change your life

"The show is designed to appeal to every sense: Electric fans wafted specially-concocted fragrances over the audience. Some people were quicker than others to work out that the event is 360 degrees: It's a good idea to look up or down and turn to see what's behind you."

BBC News
Vicent Dowd

The Future of Music

"Transforming the concert expierence with their unique blend of live performance, virutal reality and sensory immersion"

Helena Corvin-Swahn

British band Miro Shot set off on a tour of virtual worlds

British group Miro Shot are certainly a product of the modern age.

Music Ally
Stuart Dredge

Partner Review:

"“We saw what they were doing with very forward thinking artists like Miro Shot and knew this fit our overall direction as a streaming audio company with aspirations to power experiences across the metaverse.”

Dash Radio
Alex Boyce, Chief Business Officer