MUSIC ALLY: Miro Shot’s Virtual Worlds Tour Powered by Overview Ark

Called “impressively ahead of the game” in their ambitions for VR and music by the BBC, British band Miro Shot is breaking the boundaries of what a band is and can be in their Virtual Worlds Tour. 

London, U.K. — June 30, 2020- Alternative/ electronic band Miro Shot, in collaboration with immersive startup Overview Ark, will perform a concert in their custom-made virtual world this Saturday, July 4th, starting at 2pm PT/5pm ET. 

The concert will blur the line between gaming and virtual concerts, encouraging fans to attend with their avatar in Virtual Reality, or via Mac/PC to enjoy the band’s debut album “CONTENT” (feat. Mary Wilson of the Supremes, and Manfred Mann). Fans can get tickets for the concert on the band’s website. 

The impact of COVID-19 on the live music industry has been dramatic, changing the way that fans and artists perceive and experience a remote concert. The fully interactive Miro Shot virtual world will be freely accessible to fans. They will be able to explore the concert grounds, go on a quest to unlock part of the concert experience, meet other concert-goers with real time interaction (voice+chat), and attend a live meet-and-greet with the band who will be in-world during and post performance. 

“Artists around the world are looking at exciting and engaging new ways to share their music with fans, and this is a hybrid of video game culture, music culture and internet culture to create something that is unlike any performance that has been done before,” said the band’s frontman Roman Rappak. 

After closing for the first ever CannesXR and Tribeca Film Festival to take place in Virtual Reality on June 26th, fans have a chance to attend three additional concerts on the band’s Virtual Worlds Tour: 

July 4: Miro Shot World in Sinespace 

July 11: AltspaceVR (Microsoft’s Virtual Reality social platform) 

July 18: Secret location to be announced 

The concerts feature artwork by Miro Shot’s open collective of artists, including filmmaker HaZ Dulull (Netflix, The Beyond), illustrations by Oliver Harud (graphic novel Dan and Sam) and UK fashion designer Georgia Hardinge. The Collective is open for anyone to join, and fans can join the Collective here to submit their artwork to be featured in upcoming productions. 

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