Live Music Experiences are Here to Stay

Everything about music has changed with technology, we have found new ways to create it, new ways to share it and new ways to listen to it, however, live concerts are more than the biggest part of the industry, they are its beating heart. The concert is not just the artist you saw or the songs they played, it’s the people you met there, the t-shirt you bought, it’s the adventure of getting there and the journey back.

An Ecosystem and Toolkit

Our product suite features a fully persistent and evolving virtual world, where you can attend concerts, buy merch, go on quests or even hang out with friends. It also includes our tried and tested live rig, creating a portal between the real world concert and the virtual one- accessible to fans at a live venue, and also on their MAC, PC, mobile phone and in VR. 

Bands can perform shows, venues can hold concerts, brands can sponsor and fans and gamers can attend interactive music performances. 

Our Mission

Overview Ark’s mission is to create a fully functioning, vibrant music based ecosystem where artists around the world can reach the audiences they deserve, and fans can explore an incredible landscape of the greatest music on Earth. 

Our History

We began working with immersive live concerts and game engines in 2017, building prototypes, taking them to  festivals, art galleries, warehouses and cinemas around the world, getting feedback and selling tickets until we felt we had something truly special- the Overview Ark ecosystem and tools.